• How to recycle Styrofoam in Dallas / Fort Worth

    Contrary to popular belief, Styrofoam (Plastic #6) is recyclable – it’s just not easy to do.

    Styrofoam comes in 3 different forms: Foam packing peanuts or packing “noodles”, foam food containers, and molded foam used for protecting large items while shipping. Below are recycling drop-off center locations in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that accept and recycle foam.
    Please note that none of the curbside recycling programs in North Texas communities accept foam.

    (1) Foam packing peanuts or packing “noodles”
    Local recycling centers:
    Solo Cup, 4444 W. Ledbetter Drive, Dallas, TX 75236
    UPS stores – use their store location finder
    Note: In more recent years biodegradable packing peanuts have entered the market. These packing peanuts are made from starches (such as corn starch and sorghum). First determine if your peanuts are made from styrofoam or starch by placing a few in water. If they are starch-based peanuts, they will dissolve.

    (2) Foam food containers
    Local recycling centers:
    Dart Container Corp., Waxahachie 972-937-7270
    Solo Cup, 4444 W. Ledbetter Drive, Dallas, TX 75236 (note: food containers must be cleaned first)

    (3) Molded foam for shipping
    Local recycling centers:
    Lifoam Industries, Waxahachie, 800-962-0508
    Therma Foam, Inc., Ft. Worth 254-582-2730
    Powerfoam, Midlothian 972-299-5556

    BY: June 23, 2016