• 4 ridiculous myths about recycling in Dallas – Fort Worth

    1. Glass can’t be recycled in North Texas.
    FALSE. While it’s true that most large waste haulers in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area won’t accept glass, it doesn’t mean it can’t be recycled. We collect glass and take it to the Dlubak Glass recycling facility in Waco, Texas. Yes it’s a haul, but we believe it’s worth the drive if it means it won’t go in a landfill. So the short answer is, glass can be recycled in North Texas, you just need to know who to call.

    2. Recycling programs are difficult because you have to separate everything.
    FALSE. The days of separating recyclables into separate paper, plastic and glass recycling bins are over. Just about every recycler (including us) these days offers something called “single stream” recycling. This means you can put all of your recyclables in one container, and your recycling pickup service provider (hopefully us) will do the separation work for you.

    3. Plastic bottle caps can be recycled too.
    FALSE. Unlike the plastic bottle, the plastic bottle cap is made from a slightly different plastic material which, sadly, is not recyclable. So when possible, be sure to remove the cap before tossing your plastic bottle in the recycling bin. And oh yeah, be sure to empty the container too. The plastic is recyclable, but the drink inside isn’t.

    4. Recyclers get paid a lot of money to recycle.
    FALSE. If I had a penny for every time someone mentioned this to me I could retire (well.. I’d still run this business though). The truth is that recyclers do get paid money to recycle, but it is very far from being “a lot of money” – especially if you’re a small, home-grown recycler like us. Here’s a few fun math facts for you…
    On average, recyclers get paid roughly $100 per ton of plastic, or said another way, recyclers get paid $0.003 per plastic bottle they recycle. Statistics show that the average person goes through 200 bottles a year. At a rate of payment of $0.003 per bottle, this means your individual recycling efforts generates a whopping 61 cents a year for your recycler. Not much eh?

    Here’s a few more fun facts for reference (and note the decimal places – these aren’t typos). Below is a list of most commonly recycled items and how much they’re each worth when recycled.

      Plastic bottles = $0.003 each
      Aluminum cans = $0.03 each
      Cardboard boxes = $0.009 each
      Sheets of paper = $0.0005 each

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    BY: May 18, 2016