• Small Business Saturday, November 26

    Small Business Saturday is today! It’s a day to celebrate and support the small businesses that boost the economy. Show your support by shopping small with us. Sign up for DeBass Recycling residential services or request a quote for our commercial services.

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    BY: Timothy C. Dennison November 26, 2016
  • America Recycles Day

    Each year, recycling puts millions of pounds of valuable materials back into use. By diverting old products from the landfill to the factory floor, we take meaningful steps toward a greener economy and help power an entire industry centered on recycling, reuse, and refurbishing. We also reduce or avoid the
    environmental impacts of using virgin materials.

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    BY: Timothy C. Dennison November 15, 2016
  • 4 ways to save green in the office

    1. Increase the sleep mode on your office computers 40% of the energy it takes to run your computer goes to the monitor. To save money, have employees set their computers to switch to sleep mode after 5 minutes of idle time. Putting a computer on standby reduces power consumption from 20 to 30 watts … Continue reading “4 ways to save green in the office”

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    BY: June 27, 2016